The best coffee you've ever brewed

Picked when perfectly ripe from coffee trees nurtured by generations of artisanal farmers, our coffee beans have had a charmed life - pampered from the instant they are planted in the earth to the moment we hand roast and pack them in a box just for for you. Every step leads up to the moment when you make the best cup of coffee you've ever brewed.

Hand roasted in small batches in our roastery in Stockholm we aim to bring you an exciting selection of in-season coffees from well-known and much loved origins as well as from up-and-coming regions and lesser known countries. 

Choose one of our subscription options for a 'round the world' coffee experience or select something from our seasonal offerings - either way get ready to brew some amazing coffee!


"Great coffee! The coffee from Kenya is the best I ever tested."

— Erik, Falun

“This is some sweet juice! Love it!"

— Sebastian, Malmö

"Excellent coffee, roasted with true passion and a great set of skills! Would definitely recommend to friends and family!"

— Pappa Kaffe

The coffee is amazing such depth of flavour. I won't be able to go back to 'normal' coffee now.

— Claire, Dublin

"This Ethiopian might be the very best coffee I've tried. I was blown away. I mean, a cupping score of 89/100 on the international cupping scale says a bit. But the roasting process can make or break it. Muttley & Jack's has done it no wrong! It's an Ethiopian at its finest.

Pappa Kaffe, Coffee Reviewer, Sweden

Seasonal Tasting Box

Each week we select the best roasts to showcase our roastery - package the beans in 100g bags and put in a nice fancy box. Choose a box of 4 or 6 and get to know our coffees.


And do good!

Always fairly traded and giving back to local communities.

We believe that trade should be fair and with as few middle men as possible. We engage in direct trade with the farmers who grow the coffee we roast. We pay the growers well -  high prices for good farming practices and the best quality beans - usually 200%- 400% more than the commodity market price. Well paid growers take pride in their work and are incentivised to keep the quality high for future harvests.