The Weekday Box - A Shared Experience in Isolation ***Free Shipping***

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Working from home and miss your daily coffee break? Come together over coffee, even when isolating, with this weekday coffee box.

5 x 70g freshly roasted single origin coffees (enough to brew 1 litre/4 cups per day). A new country to visit every day. Taste your way around the world and share the experience with your colleagues. 

Brew the same coffee at home with your colleagues, discuss the taste and share brew tips in your daily chats and video calls.

Roasted for filter brewing (French Press, MoccaMaster, V60, Chemex, Aeropress, etc). 


5 x 70g freshly roasted speciality coffee (enough to brew 1 litre / 4 cups per day). Whole beans or pre-ground.

***Free Worldwide Shipping***

Taste and background notes for each coffee.

Example box:

Monday: Ethiopia, Bashahsa

Tuesday: Colombia, Santa Rosa

Wednesday: Indonesia, Frinsa

Thursday: Kenya, Kangocho #65

Friday: Guatemala, La Benedicion