Rwanda: Kayumbu Honey - Bourbon- Kamonyi

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In the cup: Round and sweet, with notes of brown sugar and satsuma and traces of blueberry against a background of black tea.

Cupping Score: 87

Mouthfeel: Round, creamy.

Variety: Bourbon / Jackson

Process: Honey

ProducerKayumbu Washing Station / Local Smallholders

Altitude: 1600 - 2100 meters above sea level

Region: Kamonyi


The farmers who deliver their cherry to Kayumbu station are flush with options of nearby washing station. Kayumbu has very high-quality standards, but in order to be competitive, they must accept nearly all cherry delivered. If they do not, the farmer will choose to go to a different station next time in order to sell more of their crop and avoid the hassle of sorting.

After purchasing cherry from producers, workers send the cherry through a strict sorting process. First, washing station staff remove any lower quality cherry through flotation. Then, a specially trained staff visually inspects the remaining cherry for any visual defects.

After sorting, cherry is pulped on a Pinhalese pulper outfitted and then laid out to sun dry on raised beds. While drying, the coffee is regularly sorted to remove imperfections and sifted to ensure even drying.