Peru: Finca La Palta - Fully Washed - Huabal

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In the cup: Notes of caramel and red berries, aroma of vanilla. Sweet.

Cupping Score: 87

Mouthfeel: Round, smooth.

VarietyCaturra, Pache, Catimor.

Process: Fully Washed

ProducerElias Gomez Muños

Altitude: 1742 meters above sea level

Region: Huabal, Cajamarca



Elias Gomez Muños grew up on a coffee farm and has been dedicated to coffee growing for as long as he can remember. He was proud to inherit a portion of his father’s farm and begin cultivating coffee there. However, he soon faced difficulties with his cultivation techniques, and he felt dismayed at his first years’ small yield.  

Upon hearing his dilemma, his wife of many years, also a child of coffee farmers, suggested that he join a cooperative for technical training. Elias joined Coopagro in 2017 and has found it to be a continuous learning experience.  

Coopagro helped us grow and believe in ourselves,” Elias says. “The technical assistance provided us with the knowledge and tools necessary to get a good coffee and get a good price in the market.”  

Today, Elias sends his children to school in a nearby city. He feels it is important to inspire his children to continue coffee growing, which he feels that now, more than ever, can be a viable livelihood. 

My farm is growingMy family’s quality of life has improved. In my community, we strive to get quality coffee. We take care of our flora and fauna. We spread our coffee pride because this has to pass from generation to generation.”  

Harvest & Post-harvest

Processing in Peru is rustic yet the traditional methods, when combined with the technical training and care for quality from Coopagro, do a fine job producing quality coffee. Most farmers own their own mills, which are usually located on their farms. 

At Finca Palta, cherry is selectively handpicked and pulped that same day using an ecopulper After undergoing dry fermentation for 15-25 hours, parchment is washed and then laid on drying beds to dry for approximately 15 days.  

After parchment reaches the correct moisture content, it is transferred to bags in Elias’s small warehouse, where it rests for 10 days. It is then transported to the cooperative’s warehouses where it rests for another 30 days before being prepared for export 

About Our Partner: Coopagro

279 farmers across a number of villages the district of Huabal came together in 2016 to form Coopagro. Today, Coopagro boasts over 650 member farmers. Most contributing producers grew up on coffee farms and are the latest in long family legacies of coffee farming.  

Coopagro supports member farmers, encouraging them to broaden their ambitions and produce higher quality coffees for specialty markets. The cooperative also provides technical support to farmers to help them increase their quality.