Panama: Finca Hartmann - Natural - Chico Gallo

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In the cup: Flawless tasting notes of strawberry, lychee and cacao. The Chico Gallo bean is an Ethiopian Heirloom variety closely related to Gesha.

Cupping Score: 90

Mouthfeel: Silken, structured

Variety: Chico Gallo

Process: Natural

Producer: Finca Hartmann

Altitude: 1250 meters above sea level

Region: Santa Clara


Located in the scenic region of Santa Clara and the boarded with the International Friendship Park close to the Talamanca Mountain Range is Finca Hartmann which is run by the Hartmann Family.

Finca Hartmann is a 3rd generation coffee farm. In the production of their coffees, they keep in mind the need to differentiate themselves in a market as competitive as the specialty coffee market.

Each variety is produced under shade and sustainability cultivated without the use of pesticides. All cleaning is done by hand and any cherries that do not meet Hartmann's quality standards are used as organic fertilizers on the crop. Chicho Gallo is a variety originall brought to Panama from Ethiopia as “Amaro Gayo” (region in Ethiopia).

The varietal’s original flavour profile shows complex floral and fruit flavors, apricots, strawberry, subtle blueberry. For Natural Process, the fresh red cherries, after being selected, are taken directly to sun drying in African raised beds, where they will stay until it reaches 11% humidity.