Kenya: AA Marumi - Fully Washed SL28 - Kigumo

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In the cup: A sparkling Kenyan fruit forward taste profile. Plenty of citrus, especially lemon and pink grapefruit, some white grape and elements of apple. Soft and well balanced.

Cupping Score: 88

Mouthfeel: Soft, elegant

Variety: SL28

Process: Fully Washed

Prodcuer: Marumi Cooperative

Altitude: 1800 m.a.s.l.

Region: Kigumo (Mount Kenya)


In Kenya, small scale farmers are common, and washing stations are regularly situated within a catchment area to provide pulping and processing services to them. Often these have a cooperative management system, and the dedication of the team working them can have a huge impact on profile. By combining their lots together in this way, farmers get access to equipment they might not be able to afford, as well as markets abroad.

The Marumi Farmers Cooperative Society that produce this coffee own three factories, Marumi, Iriguini, and Mariira, receiving cherry from around 1500 smallholders in total.

Muranga County, home to the Marumi factory, lies to the south of Mount Kenya not far from the foothills of the Aberdare range. Established in 1979 there are around 650 members currently, out of an estimated three quarters of a million that live within the county borders.