Indonesia: Frinsa - Fully Washed - Weninggalih

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In the cup: Black tea with lemon, and dried fruit, verbena and chocolate underneath. Sweet & bright with a big and soft mouthfeel. Balanced and clean.

Cupping Score: 86

Mouthfeel: Big, soft.


Process: Fully Washed

ProducerWildan Mustofa

Altitude: 1400 meters above sea level

Region: Weninggalih, Java



Wildan and his wife Atieq started their first coffee project in Sindangkerta, Weninggalih area in 2010. This later became the main growing area at he’s farm Java Frinsa Estate. Since the first year of production, Wildan has aimed to focus on quality which requires meticulous attention and processes. While the majority of Indonesian producers are doing the wet hulled coffees, even for specialty, Wildan is focusing on the fully washed. Besides the quality, and social and economic impact for the community, we believe the coffee project also have long term benefits for water conservation and reforestation .

Frinsa Estate is located in West Java, locally called Sunda. They have a wetmill as well as a well ventilated storage space and a dry mill. All located at 1400 masl altitude. This means they are in fully control of their product from harvest to grading, sorting and shipment