Ethiopia - Nano Challa #1 - Fully Washed

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In the cup: Structured, rich and floral, lime, dense and rich, orange marmelade, bisquites

Cupping Score: 88

Mouthfeel: Creamy, smooth.

Variety: Heirloom

Process: Fully Washed

Washing Station: Nano Challa

Altitude: 1930 metres above sea level

Region: Genji Chala


The name of the washing station which is responsible for taking the coffee from a freshly picked cherry to dried green bean is 'Nano Challa' and literally means 'the best place' in the local language.

Ethiopia is the ancestral home of all the worlds' arabica coffee and still grows wild and around rainforests throughout the country. As there are still thousands of wild unclassified coffee varietals in Ethiopia most producers and roasters use the term 'heirloom' when describing the varieties. Coffee from Ethiopia is often recognisable by it's floral aromas and notes of black tea. This coffee from the Genji Challa Cooperative bears these hallmarks, but has plenty more layers of flavour to discover.

The Nano Challa washing station was opened with support from Technoserve. This NGO supported farmers to set up the washing stations and create a new cooperative structure. The aim of the project was to increase sustainability and quality in the west, with transparent and environmentally friendly production, and increased premiums for the producers. From the outset they used eco pulpers and built water treatment systems based on Vetiver grass which naturally filter the water from production before it is pumped into lagoons to be absorbed into the earth. They also established farmer training programmes and implemented a traceability system.

They have some hundred members delivering cherry, plus non-members who sell their coffee to this washing station as well. The members receive a second payment after harvest once the coffee has been milled and graded for quality.