Costa Rica: Las Margaritas 26 - Natural Gesha

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In the cup: Structured, sweet and clean with lots of complexity to enjoy. Floral tones of jasmine with elegant notes of vanilla and ripe stone fruits. Beautiful lingering aftertaste.

Cupping Score: 92

Mouthfeel: Smooth, silken

Variety: Gesha

Process: Natural / Sun-dried

Producer: Emmanuel Solis

Farm: Las Margaritas 26 

Altitude: 1500 - 2100 meters above sea level

Region: Tarrazú, Santa Maria de Dota

Harvest: Jan - Mar 2020

Sourced via: Per Nordby Green


Las Margaritas 26 is a family run farm located in Santa Maria de Dota. Emmanuel Solis started the farm in 2013 and he wants to specialize in varieties with great cup profiles such as Geisha, Red Bourbon and SL28, Milenio, Villalobos and Yellow Catuai. It took 4 years to get the first harvest due to the cold climate at the high altitude. The farm is surrounded with mountains and conservation practices are being kept in order to stay in tune with nature as much as possible. Emmanuel have never used herbicides on the farm, and never will if it can be helped.

When harvesting, only ripe cherries are picked. Process is either natural or honey, and all coffees are dried on raised beds in the sun.

Processing information:

Cherries are picked ripe and floaters are removed before coffee is placed on african beds. At first, a high volume of cherries with 6-8 cm height covers the drying beds for the first days. During midday when temperatures are at peak, cherries are piled like mountains in the center of the beds to reduce the sun dehydration of cherries. Total trying time 8-10 days.