Ethiopia: Magarrisa Lot #3, Heirlom - Washed - Guji Region - Wholesale

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We're so happy to present this washed coffee from the Guji region, ancestral home of the Oromo people, famed for complex, yet balanced  coffees.

This coffee is fully washed, which allows the delicate qualities of the acidity and sweetness to shine through.  

In the cup -complex, and fruit driven acidity and sweetness. Take your time drinking this coffee, as it gets better and better as it cools down. It's got a lot of sweet lemon and nectarine flavours, very fruity, but without being sour or overly acidic. 

Underneath the fruitiness lies a heavenly mix of blossom fragrances - jasmine, honeysuckle and bergamot - typical of a washed Ethiopian coffee. These fragrances are blended in a black tea-like sensation.

The aftertaste is fruity as well, but less sweet and more like pomegranate.

88 points. 250g and 1KG.

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