Colombia: Wilson Paredes - Anaerobic - Tabi

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In the cup: Soft, sweet aroma of chocolate ice-cream and deep complex tasting notes of fermented tea, red berries and orange sherbet.

Cupping Score: 89

Mouthfeel: Structured, creamy

Variety: Tabi

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Producer: Wilson Paredes / Finca Rosa Blanca

Altitude: 1450 meters above sea level

Region: Huila


Third-generation producer, Wilson Paredes, produces high-quality Anaerobic Naturals at his farm, Finca Rosa Blanca.

In the mid-2010s, Wilson began focusing on making specialty coffee. There was a simple reason for his motivation, he saw that his neighbours and family members could sell their specialty coffees at a better price. It now produces high quality anaerobic naturally processed coffee on its farm in Finca Rosa Blanca. This lot is a Tabi variant that is a cross between the Typica, Bourbon and Timorese varieties. It combines the best properties of the three variants, is more resistant to diseases and has excellent cupping value. For Wilson, farm development is important, so he places great emphasis on upgrading infrastructure and constantly monitoring the quality of coffee.

Harvesting and processing

The cherries are selectively sorted by hand and then fermented in an anaerobic bag for 100 hours. After fermentation, the cherries are placed on high-mounted drying brains, where they are allowed to dry for 25 days.

 Colombian coffee

Colombia has been producing and exporting coffee since the early 19th century. Colombian coffee is famous for its fullness, lively acidity and rich aftertaste. This region is characterized by a wide range of climatic phenomena and favorable geographical conditions. These contribute to the development of unique flavors in the coffee. In Colombia, the time of harvest can vary quite a bit, with the result that Colombia has a fresh crop all year round.