Colombia: Naranjos - Huila - Washed Pink Bourbon

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In the cup: Sparkling acidity, floral tones and well balanced with grape-like sweetness. Layered, structured and effervescent with a glorious aftertaste that reminds one of orange sherbet. 

Cupping Score: 89

Mouthfeel: Layered, structured.

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Process: Fully Washed

Producer: Gloria Monteros

Farm: Fincas Los Naranjos

Altitude: 1780 meters above sea level

Region: Huila


When we think of speciality coffees from Colombia the region Huila is often the first to spring to mind. If ever there was a place perfect in every way for growing coffee beans this is it! Close enough to the equator that harvests can been produced all year and with rich volcanic soils and a lush mountainous climate coffees that grow here have a juicy fruit- forward edge and sparkling acidity. Since 2013 the region has been awarded a Denomination of Origin status, the same status awarded to Roquefort cheese, Champagne and many other foods with unique, location-specific characteristics.

This coffee was grown by Gloria Monteros - At her farm, 'Finca Los Naranjos', she combines her training in agriculture and waterway protection with her passion for a great cup of coffee to produce a clean, bright cup whose round, creamy body is sweet, balanced and complex. One way she’s applying her technical knowledge is by using soil analysis to determine optimal fertilization techniques. She’s also using her knowledge to control fermentation and pinpoint the right time to halt fermentation.

Her focus on producing high quality coffee enables her to increase her livelihood while protecting the surrounding environment.