Brazil: Jaguara PB - Extended Fermentation

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In the cup: Round sweet fruit driven sweetness with tones of plum and forest berries. Notes of marzipan and milk chocolate.

Cupping Score: 88

Mouthfeel: Round, creamy.

Variety: Yellow Catuai Peaberry

Process: Natural - Extended Fermentation

Producer: Natalia & André Luíz Garcia

Farm: Jaguara Farm

Altitude: 1040 meters above sea level

Region: Campo das Vertentes


Jaguara farm is owned by Natalia & André Luíz Garcia and began in 2001. Andre has a deep history in coffee, as an agronomist and researcher at the Procafé Foundation that specializes in the pruning and production of coffee. Coffee was in Natalia’s life since she was born. She says she could tell the coffee price by whether or not she got a Christmas present that year. Her family’s experience of extreme financial instability scarred them, and they advised Natalia against working in coffee. But for Natalia, it was meant to be.

The name Jaguara comes from both the feline and a quilombolacommunity in the area.

Peaberries are beans that occur as a result of a natural mutation, inside a coffee cherry, where one ovule fails to pollinate. This results in extra space for the single developing seed. Within this space, a larger and rounder seed grows inside. This is a peaberry.