Travel the world in your coffee cup!


There’s a whole world of coffee to taste out there and we’re here to be your guide. Each month we select a new coffee for you to enjoy - we choose the best beans available and according to season. After 12 months you’ll have tasted and learned more about coffee from 12 different countries.

After we select the coffee of the month we experiment with it in our roasting lab until we hit on just the most delicious way to roast it. We want each cup to be the best it can possibly be!

We analyse the taste profile of the cup and then get busy creating a complementary fika recipe so that you can enjoy a slice of cake or a crunchy biscuit designed especially to complement this cup of coffee. This recipe is part of your monthly box.
We roast and then package the beans within 24 hours. We ship them to you immediately so you can enjoy them at their peak.

We deliver directly to you mailbox. Included each month:

  • Your freshly roasted coffee
  • Your unique fika recipe
  • Your ‘journey into coffee’ info card
  • Tasting and grower notes for the coffee of the month


As a member you also have access to a series of workshops at Muttley & Jack’s Roastery in Stockholm:


We love you so much that we want to go on holiday with you!

Members are welcome to join Muttley & Jack on a trip to origin. Once each year we take you safely to some of the world’s most beautiful countries and show you where the best coffee in the world is grown and harvested. Meet the people behind the coffee, discover what happens after coffee is picked. We can also add on wildlife and cultural experiences according to the individual destination.