Origins Trip

We travel to origin at various times throughout the year in order to meet with the people who grow and process our coffees. The feedback loop between consumers, roasters and farmers is an important dialogue that leads to better quality coffee and higher prices paid to the farmers.

The regions where coffee grows are some of the most spectacular places in the world - nestled amongst volcanoes and jungles in areas often teeming with wildlife. So, once each year we open up our trip to origin to take along intrepid members of the Muttley & Jack's subscriptions.

Our intention in opening up our trip to origin is not to make any profit from those who choose to travel with us but rather to bring our customers closer to the world of coffee and those who make it possible. We will arrange transport, guiding and accommodation in the country and, for those who wish to include extra excursions such as viewing wildlife, we will suggest some optional extras for you to consider.

2018 Origins Trip (29 June - 6 July)

The 2018 origins trip is to Rwanda between in June. Itinerary below. 

Day 1

  • Transfer from Kigali airport to Heaven Hotel in Kigali
  • Stay overnight Heaven Hotel, Kigali 

Day 2

  • Transfer to Huye
  • 1/2 day visit to Huye Mountain Coffee
  • Stay overnight Ibis Hotel, Huye 

Day 3

  • Full day visit to Huye Mountain Cofee
  • Stay overnight Ibis Hotel, Huye 

Day 4

  • Drive through Nyungwe National Park
  • Optional canopy walk
  • Overnight at Gisakura Guest House
  • Optional Chimpanzee trekking adventure
  • Transfer to Gatare
  • ½ day visit to Gatare Washing Station
  • Overnight in Gatare 

Day 5

  • ½ day visit to Gatare Coffee Collective
  • Transfer to Musanze
  • Overnight at Hotel Muhabura

Day 6

  • Optional Full Day Gorilla trekking
  • Overnight at Hotel Muhabura

Day 7

  • Transfer to Rushashi
  • Full day Rushahsi Coffee Farm
  • Transfer to Kigali
  • Overnight at Heaven Hotel

Day 8

  • Transfer to Kigali airport 


Frequently Asked Questions

Who arranges flights?

You arrange your own flights, visa, travel insurance and vaccines. We will organize hotels and travel at origin. We recommend bringing USD cash and Visa card.

How much does it cost?

This varies. You have to pay for your own flights, hotel, transport and food. This varies a bit from origin to origin, and whether we are staying in a city or rural area. Hotels in cities are about USD 100-140 per person per day, 50-80 if in a rural area. Transport is about USD 150 per day, split between everyone, so this will depend on how many who comes on the trip. Food is about USD 20-50 per day.

Will there be any spare time?

When we visit the coffee farms and washing stations the days are pretty full of activity. On some days we will schedule optional activities such as wildlife viewing. If you choose not to join then you may spend your free time as you wish.