Q: What sort of coffee do you roast?

A: All of the coffee we roast is speciality grade arabica coffee (usually in the range 87 - 90 points), sourced via direct trade with the producers. We buy in fresh crops according to the season.

Q: When do you ship?

A: We roast every Wednesday (at least, sometimes several days per week) and ship every Thursday.

Q. What about shipping subscription/member coffee? 

A: In most cases your first box will be sent out the first Thursday after you sign up and from then on around the 8th of each month that comes after.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes! We ship from Sweden to all countries. Delivery within Sweden take 1 - 2 days. Delivery to Europe is usually 2 - 4 days. And deliveries to the rest of the world usually arrive within 1 - 3 weeks.

Q: Can I sign up to a subscription for just a month or two?

A. Yes, there is no minimum period for membership. Sign up and try out a membership. If you're not happy just cancel your membership. Or sign yourself up for a 3 month gift membership to try things out.

Q. Can I pause or cancel my membership?

A: Of course. You can mange this yourself by creating an account with your first order. Or just email us of phone and we'll help you out.

Q. Can I buy a gift membership for someone?

A: Head over the the Gift page and treat someone to 3, 6 or 12 months of delicious coffee.

Q. What's the difference between Filter and Espresso roasts?

A: Our filter roasts and espresso roasts are both considered to be "light" roasts. Generally speaking the espresso roasts might be a tiny shade darker than the filter roasts, but the difference is more in how and when the heat is applied during the roast process and how that affects the acidity/sweetness balance.

The filter roasts tend to be shorter with a high heat energy applied throughout. The espresso roasts are usually a little more drawn out with a lower heat application for the middle phase of roasting. This results in the espresso roast increasing in sweetness but sacrificing a little of the acidity in the process. The result is not always darker, but sweeter. The thinking is that the acidity that is so pleasant in a filter brew might be a little too intense when put through the espresso process.

Q. Is your coffee organic? What about Fairtrade?

A: All of our coffees are grown with organic framing practices and are fairly traded, although most are from smaller farms and collectives that don’t have the resources to pay for the official certifications. Having your farm certified is a long and costly procedure for the farmer and is usually out of reach for all but large scale producers in developing countries. We do work with our suppliers to ensure transparency and high ethical  and environmental standards.

Q. Can you grind my coffee for me?

A: Sure, if you want us to this is no problem. We’ll ask you how you intend to brew it and grind it how you like it. (Although grinding your coffee just before you brew will always taste better - consider an inexpensive hand grinder like this one.)

Q. How can I join the workshops?

A: The workshops are held in our roastery in Stockholm. We usually have at least one workshop per month. Occasionally we will visit other Swedish towns with our tasting and brewing workshops and details will be in the newsletters and on our social channels.

Everyone who has active membership for at least 3 months is welcome to take part in up to 3 workshops per year for free.