Climate Positive

What does climate-positive mean?

For an entity to be climate positive / carbon negative, it must reduce its carbon footprint to less than neutral, so that it removes more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than it adds. Take Bhutan, for example, it is currently the only carbon-negative country in the world because it absorbs four times the amount of carbon it emits.

What is our annual carbon footprint?

Our roastery is designed to be as sustainable as possible. It’s something we work on constantly, as there are always ways to improve.

This encompasses:

- the way our coffees are grown, harvested, processed and shipped from origin.

- how our roastery is powered.

- how we ship our coffees to you.

-  the way we conduct ourselves as a business, for example offsetting emissions from flights and only flying when we need to.

We believe it’s important to be fully transparent with ourselves, our partners and our customers, so that our processes can be evaluated, monitored and improved. As part of this, we measure our yearly CO2 footprint and make the information available for everyone.


How We Compensate

  • We offset the few airplane trips we take and avoid attending single-day events.
  • We offset all carbon emissions from production.
  • We carbon offset all shipments from origin to our roastery.
  • We carbon offset all shipments from our roastery to our customers.
  • We plant extra trees in Ethiopia.

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