Peru: La Colmena

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In the cup: Beautifully balanced, with soft, round sweet tones of peach, berries and white grapes.

Cupping Score: 88

Mouthfeel: Smooth, elegant

VarietyCaturra, Bourbon

Process: Washed

Producer: Jorge Diaz Campos

Altitude: 2100 meters above sea level



As a farmer in the Lonya Grande district of the Amazonas, Jorge Dias Campos is a member of the Norcafe cooperative in Cajamarca,

Jorge is part of the micro-lot program at the cooperative, and undoubtedly produces exceptional coffee. His farm, La Colmena, consists of 3 hectares planted with coffee, and sits at 1900 masl. He mainly cultivates caturra and bourbon. 

This was a 40 bag lot, while the production of his farm is approximately 70 bags per year.

The Díaz Campos family grows specialty coffees in the highlands of the Lonya Grande District, close to the village Huamboya. It’s a lush forest area with pure and clean natural water sources used for the processing. The family are originally migrants from the Peruvian highlands, and they are dedicated to coffee growing, livestock and beekeeping. Jorge Díaz, the third son of the family, worked for the Norcafé Cooperative in 2017 and 2018, and at present he applies his knowledge to perfect the qualities of his farm and coffees.

The family plans to plant an additional 4 hectares of coffee for production of specialty. Both Bourbon and Geisha, and plans to carry out natural and washed processing experiments for the 2022/23 harvest.

This is how Jorge explains their philosophy: The beekeeping helps on pollination and affects the positive flavors in coffee. And other important factors are “Selective harvest, controlled fermentation, washed with clean water, carefully dried.