Burundi: Gisha - Natural Bourbon

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In the cup: Full bodied, creamy textured, gently balanced sweetness and bursting with bright berry aromas and tropical fruit tones. Delicious, lingering aftertaste.

Cupping Score: 88

Mouthfeel: Round, creamy. 

Variety: Bourbon

Process: Natural

Producer: Gisha Washing Station

Altitude: 1700+ meters above sea level



The area of Gisha, from which the station takes its name, was named by King Bigayimpunzi and is considered the headquarters of Tangara commune’s jurisdiction. King Bigayimpunzi, who founded the Democratic and Rural Party in 1961, once lived in a beautiful palace on a nearby hill. Since then, the palace has been used as the home of highly ranked dignitaries who oversaw administration in the region. The house has also played host to the commissaries who ruled over the communes of Kiremba, Tangara and Gashikanwa.

Located in Tangara commune, Gisha station sits near the Nyamuswaga river that is infamous for its depth and breadth. 

Burundi has long been overlooked in comparison to its neighboring East African specialty coffee producing powerhouses. However, Burundi season, for us, is one of the highlights of the annual coffee calendar. The country’s coffee is produced almost entirely by smallholder farmers, and much of this small-scale production is of exceptional quality. With its super sweet, clean and often floral coffees, Burundi, every year, is increasingly is putting itself on the specialty coffee map. 

Coffee is of paramount importance to families and the country at large. Considering this, improving and expanding coffee infrastructure is not just a way to improve incomes, it is a way to revolutionize the earning potential of an entire nation.

Building washing stations and expanding agricultural extension work can be great ways to improve coffee quality. Washing stations are pivotal in improving cup profile standards and the global reputation of Burundian coffee.