El Salvador: La Brisas - Natural

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In the cup: Round and sweet with notes of cinnamon and sweet tobacco and a background of citrus.

Cupping Score: 86

Mouthfeel: Layered, full-bodied.

Variety: H2 Farm Hybrid

Process: Natural

ProducerCarlos Pola

Altitude: 1200 - 1500 meters above sea level



Carlos Pola descends from a family of coffee farmers. He purchased Finca Las Brisas in 1997 while he was working in the textile industry. By 2012, he switched to working in coffee full time. His vision is to produce sustainable specialty coffee by applying his textile industry experience of quality control, efficiency and data management to coffee production on Finca Las Brisas.  

The farm has its own lab for experimenting with new processing methods, quality control and educating farm workers in specialty coffee. 

Carlos believes in supporting his community and helping as many farmers as possible embrace specialty coffee. He has channeled his passion for traceability into an applicable that traces coffee from the day it is harvested to the shipping lot.

When Carlos dedicated himself to producing coffee fulltime in 2012, he renovated the farm to create a farm focused on a dramatically new, sustainable and cost-effective production. Carlos has substantially reduced the farm’s use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers by adopting a specific combination of scientific theory and coffee producers know-how. Trees are planted in double rows and shaded by nitrogen-fixing trees. Carlos has even spread specific fungi that have symbiotic relationships with coffee trees and can actually help trees be more efficient at absorbing nitrogen and phosphorus.