Panama: Fernandez - Washed - Typica

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In the cup: Notes of walnut, cherry and marzipan in a pleasant full-bodied brew. Well balanced and with interesting flavour notes to explore as the coffee cools.

Cupping Score: 88

Mouthfeel: Textured, creamy.

Variety: Typica

Process: Fully Washed

Producer: Finca Cafetalera Fernandez

Altitude: 1300 meters above sea level

Region: Boquete


The plantation is located in Panama’s cool, northern blue mountains in the small town of Boquete, in the Province of Chiriqui. At an altitude of over 1,300 mts, this beautiful region is blessed with light mist, rich volcanic black soil, fresh water springs and is surrounded by mountain forests.

There are old Typica coffee plants on part of the finca that reach an extraordinary height of 12 ft high. The coffee trees are shade grown and have numerous banana, citrus and exotic fruit trees surrounding the farm. It is an ideal spot for bird watching and exploring nature.

In 2003 the Fernandez family built Panama’s first ecological coffee processing mill. It uses the latest technology in processing whereby only the ripest, Estate Grown cherries are picked then taken to the beneficio or hulling plant. The process uses small amounts of water and efficiently separates the mucilage from the pulp. By using significantly less water than most mills, this is one way in which Cafetalera contributes to environmental preservation.