Ethiopia: Bildimoo

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In the cup: Creamy textured with wonderful floral tones and a flavour profile of plum, stone fruits and chocolate. A very 'clean' natural process for a subtle fermented taste note.  

Cupping Score: 88

Mouthfeel: Textured, elegant 

Variety: Kurume, Wolisho

Process: Natural

Producer: Bildimoo Washing Station

Altitude: 1950 meters above sea level

Region: West Arsi


This coffee comes from Nensebo, a washing station located in West Arsi.

With violets, lavender, jasmine and nectarine-like acidity this coffee would make a fantastic option for you if you look for a floral and delicate lot. We found deep nectarine-like acidity and winey notes that make this natural lot quite unique.

About the naming: Bildimoo means "red, clay soil" in the Oromiffa language.