Drink More Coffee in 2018!

3 good reasons to drink more coffee in 2018! 

It's early January... A time when, in pursuit of self-improvement, we make pacts with ourselves to get fitter, live kinder, be more adventurous and cut back on the things that are not so good for us. Amongst these New Year’s good intentions some people aim to cut down on coffee consumption in the misguided assumption that they’ll be doing themselves a favour. Here are a few reasons to embrace the bean and drink even more coffee in 2018.

1. It’s good for you!

In 2017 article after article that showed that coffee is gaining ever increasing approval from scientists and health professionals. From preventing heart disease and strokes and even lowering risk of neurological conditions like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease coffee drinkers who drink 3 -4 cups per day have better health outcomes than non-coffee drinkers. A variety of compounds, including antioxidants are to thank for the health benefits. Not all coffees are equally healthful however, - light roasted coffees (like all Muttley & Jack’s Coffees) have much higher levels of antioxidant activity than darker roasted coffees.

2. It’s good for the environment!

Unfortunately not all coffee is grown in an environmentally sustainable way, but by choosing to drink speciality coffee you are choosing a brew that not only tastes better – but is kinder to the environment as well.

Shade grown coffee from the Java Frinsa Estate in Indonesia

When grown under the shade of a forest canopy coffee develops better, more interesting flavours . The cooler shady temperatures slow down the rate of growth of the beans causing them to be denser, which in turn tends to deliver more acidity, flavour and better quality. Speciality coffee is virtually always shade grown – this Ethiopian coffee from Yirgacheffe grows in the same wild forest conditions as the earliest coffee trees on the planet enjoyed, and this Indonesian coffee comes from a farm that is actively reforesting an area of the island of Java that had previously endured regular devastating mudslides. Choosing shade-grown speciality coffee over sun-grown coffee is a boon for biodiversity – boosting the numbers of birds and pollinating insects and improving soil health.

3. It changes lives for the better!

25 million people around the world depend on growing coffee to earn their livelihoods. For most of these growers their fortunes are tied to the rise and fall of the commodity markets where coffee futures are traded on the stock market. A slump in global coffee prices can mean poverty for vulnerable farmers. A slight dip in the stock market in London or New York can mean that a farmer in Uganda can no longer afford to send his 10-year-old daughter to school.

But speciality coffee roasters, such as Muttley & Jack's, are choosing to engage in Direct Trade with coffee producers in developing countries. This is good for the growers as it circumnavigates the insecurities of the global stock markets and pays pre-agreed prices (which are usually 200% - 400% of what farmers would earn selling on the commodity markets). This is also good for the consumer as it means the roaster and the growers have an ongoing dialogue that ensures increasing quality harvest after harvest. And increased quality means increased profits for farmers and their families.

So go ahead! Drink more (of the right kind of) coffee this year!  

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